Are you counted ?

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Are you counted ?

Unread post by ኦሽንoc » 22 Mar 2010 16:06

A message for all Ethiopians who live in U. S. A


In the past few months, a group of Ethiopians in Los Angeles representing various community based organizations have been working to educate our community on the importance of participating in the Census 2010 by filling out the form and returning it in a timely manner.

We have gone a step further and had numerous discussions with Census officials as well as individuals in the academia that work closely with the Census Bureau on how to best capture the Ethiopian number in the United States. The sad information that was transmitted to us during our discussions with Census officials is the number of Ethiopians residing in the US. Current Census data shows less than 80,000 Ethiopians or Ethiopian-Americans residing in the US. In the whole of California it is about 15,000. These numbers are completely off.

After numerous consultation and discussion with those involved in the Census 2010 project,we have been advised that the best way to capture the Ethiopian number is to check the African-American box and then write in the box at the bottom "Ethiopian"

It is beneficial to all of us if we can get as close an accurate count as possible.

I have attached herewith the 2010 Census form with the way it should be filled out by Ethiopians as well as a brochure in Amharic that discusses why the Census is important. Below is the link to the website that our group has put together, I would appreciate it very much if you could forward this important information to all your contacts. We must be counted.

Meron Ahadu

[center]Here is a Sample how you can fill out the form to show you are Ethiopian
Images from ECCC[/center]

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This message is shared by Almaz solutions in Yahoo Ethiopian group in art-topia Thanks a good friend for forward to me.

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