BREAKING NEWS: The Federal Government Has Declared a State of Emergency

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BREAKING NEWS: The Federal Government Has Declared a State of Emergency

Unread post by YaredAyalew » 17 Oct 2016 08:55

Prime Minister Hailermariam Desalegn said the state of emergency is crucial in halting the danger posed on the safety of the people as well as peace and stability of the country.

The Council of Ministers has declared a six-month state of emergency starting from yesterday, following thorough discussion on the current situation in the country.

The Premier said that the peace and stability of the country as well as the safety of the people is in danger because of the activities of anti-peace elements who wish to see a failed state in Ethiopia.

Hailemariam said the orchestrated violent activities carried out in various parts of the country led to the loss of lives and enormous damage on properties.

The country over the past decade have witnessed a double digit economic growth, huge infrastructure developments, accumulation of wealth and huge FDI inflow because of the peace and stability prevailed in the country, Hailemariam said.

"These infrastructures that consume huge investments are being destroyed by these anti-peace elements within a short period of time," he said.

Companies, schools, health institutions, administrative institutions are being attacked.

Hailemariam said that the Council noted that these forces, that receive financial and material assistance from the enemies of the country, are working to see a disintegrated Ethiopia.

"The state of emergency is vital. It is essential to restore peace and stability over a short period of time," he said.

The violence in some parts even goes beyond damaging properties, he said, adding, the forces are trying to trigger conflict among different ethnic groups, followers of different religions.

If not controlled within a short period, the situation could undermine the national integrity of the country, Hailemariam emphasized.

"We put our citizens' safety first. Besides, we want to put an end to the damage that is being carried out against infrastructure projects, education institutions, health centers, administration and justice buildings," he said.

Hailemariam said "The state of emergency will not breach basic human rights enshrined under the Ethiopian constitution and won't also affect diplomatic rights listed under the Vienna Convention".

By imposing emergency rule the government will ensure safety of citizens as well as stability of the country within a short period, he added.

"Ensuring peace and stability, which the country is known for, within a short period of time is possible," Hailemariam said.

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Re: BREAKING NEWS: The Federal Government Has Declared a State of Emergency

Unread post by EliasEticha » 14 May 2017 23:23

Yes, I got that news from Satenaw. Safety of citizens is one of the top priority of government.

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