Hagos Wannabe Second Citizens in Ethiopia – Part 3

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Hagos Wannabe Second Citizens in Ethiopia – Part 3

Unread post by zeru » 08 Mar 2014 22:04

This has got to be our favorite topic by far. As you we exposed and lambasted Hagosians mercilessly in the previous two articles (Part 1,Part 2) readers may seek to uncover the faults and crimes of Haogisans’ collaborators. The parties affiliated with Weyane and the enablers who fill in the suppressive institutions are part and parcels of the destructive and exploitative behavior of the ruling party. Here we should not be talking about most of the 6 million or more members of the EPRDF who are forced to join against their will. If they are forced to do things they do not believe in, it is understandable if they showed conformity because of the real, dangerous and costly fear of reprisal and repercussions for non-compliance. Appropriately so, therefore, we are here to wage a pointed criticism against those who cooperate with and willingly assist the Weyane junta that is seen as an occupying force in the country. But first, let me share with you this wise joke told sometimes ago in Addis Ababa. It was about the young daughter of Meles who was nagging her
to get her the best
birthday gift
. The dictator’s wife, Azeb, offered a variety of gift proposals for all of which the daughter did not show
. The daughter rather asked her mother to get Abdulla Gemeda so that she can play with him as a toy. Azeb was so sad to tell that she could not fulfill the wish because the toy she was asking to have was already owned by her dictator
who was happily playing with him. This is to show how the Hagosian despise their supposed ally and servants. Here it helps to remember what we have reportedly heard that even top non Weyane officials were called disparaging and degrading names with occasional slap, literally, in the face.
The question you may ask is how the likes of Abadulla, Addisu, Shiferaw and others maintain to cooperate with their Hagosian masters in subjugating, imprisoning and torturing supposedly their own people. The not so difficult answer is that they get some left over crumbs thrown at them. In the first place, the very reason they were made part of the repressive system was because of their imbecility and cowardliness. These less educated boneheads would never get the relatively better livelihood by their own merits and individual efforts. We can guess what their living standard would look like as a police officer, an elementary school teacher or a high school dropout. So, for them their life is so heavenly luxurious which they would never have dreamt of. In return for that luxurious life, they do not mind if they have to offer their own behind for kicking. What angers us most; however, are those pseudo-intellectual or pseudo professionals who are expected to be endowed with the virtues of consciousness, justice and fairness. It is really a tragedy to see these people in the bureaucracy, in the academics, in the security and in the justice system bending to the dictatorial Weyane junta while they should be standing with and fighting for the public interest by upholding the basic principles of democracy, justice and human rights.

For some, there is no limit to their betrayal as they are selling out their own people, affiliations or even their friends and family. The former president Girma W.Giorgis has a daughter, Genet Girma of EPRP, who does not see eye to eye with Weyane, but he was there dinning and wining with the Hagosians who seek vengeance against her. The other EPRDF thug, Teferra Walwa, did not say or do anything when his wife and his father-in-law were thrown to jail. Guys like Redwan Hussein and Shimelis Kemal were with the opposition, but it did not take them that much time to turn around and join EPRDF. They do not stop there, but try to act like the real Hagosians. You may notice that Hailemariam Dessalegn wants to be like his predecessor Meles Zenawi if possible or worship him as a spirit within him. It is one thing to admire him, but it is childish to call him great leader in every occasion. But I get it why he is doing that; he has some Hagosians to please. Both he and Redwan have to talk act like Meles to gain acceptances and relevance in their government. Hagos wannabes both in the upper and lower position of government structure want to be like Hagos. They want to act, talk even dance like him. It is really funny that if you go out to the night clubs or some festive occasions, you will see these Weyane lackeys crowding the stage when Hagosians’ song is playing on, especially when their masters are around. Once they choose servitude to Weyane, there is no way out. Hagosians want them to be the face of their crimes. Rarely, you see Hagosians coming face to face to the public. The dirty work has to be done by Hagos wannabes. In the rubbish documentary the government releases, you do not see Hagosians; the guys who play the role of professional analysts, witnesses and the ones who bring the indictment are all Hagos wannabes. The same is true with Hagos wannabes in the Diaspora, who have delegated the evil deed of Weyane. You find them in the Churches, Ethiopian communities, in so called government
to participate in a meetings. You do not see many Hagosians in this areas, Hagosians have their own enclaves and comfort zone where they conspire on how to engage the diaspora.
You will find Hagos wannabes everywhere. In the media, you have guys like Beniyam Kebede of Ethiopia First web site, who wants to be like Amare Aregawi of The Reporter. The content of their web pages is always to appreciate what Weyane has been doing. Their critics of the system are simply a ‘brotherly’ advice as they would never want it to be removed or replaced. They abhor the opposition and the private media. Mind you, in some case you see Ben even acting more than any Hagosian you know. You have watched him attacking the Ethiopian Muslim movement by deliberately trying to smear them as terrorist. Ironically, you may be surprised to know that Ben has Muslim siblings with whom he is at odds. Nowadays, Ben cannot show up to the Ethiopian community in Canada, his former residence, in a day light. In the Diaspora, you will find other Hagos wannabe media personalities like Nigussie W. Mariam of Hagerfikir radio in DC area. He is supported and assisted by Hagosians to say what they want him to say. His Hagosian masters, like Dr. Belai, watch him closely not to get out of the line. What he gets is perhaps some kickbacks and an invitation to their party in the Ethiopian Embassy in Washington. On the social media and on the blogs you find articulate Weyane servants whose main job is to exaggerate the government success and defend the Hagosian personality. Writers like Genenew Asefa, attack anyone who is challenging the legacy of his masters. In some ways, you would think he has given his mind and mouth for Meles to speak through him. You should remember that this individual was in the opposition and he witnessed the incarceration and languishing of his own colleague Abera Yemane Ab.
In the end, any amount of servitude or loyalty would never buy the first citizen status they might aspired for. This truth is well accepted by the Hagos wannabes themselves. It pains us to the core to see these people reduce themselves to a second class citizenship.
By Ersasu Mere

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