Ethiopian cultural clothes

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Ethiopian cultural clothes

Unread post by loobeensky » 25 Aug 2016 06:26

Hello guys & gals,

my name is Ola and I'm African Studies student from Poland. I'm writing my M.A. paper about traditional and contemporary (Christian) clothes in Ethiopia and I've got a few questions for all of you:

1. First thing: shemma/šämma. Sources I have are unclear if it's a kind of textile used to make garments like qemis etc. or if it's another kind of garment of its own, used for example to cover head or wrap around the body. Could you clarify what you'd call a 'šämma'?
2. Kuta. In one article I have I can read that kuta is male version of nätäla/netela, in another author differentiate between nätäla/netela and kuta, making those two completely different garments. How it is?
3. How often do you wear traditional clothes? Do you like them? Do you have some? Or maybe contemporary clothes with traditional twist?

Thanks a lot for all answers!

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