The Ethiopian Colonial Regime Committing Genocide In Ogadeni

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The Ethiopian Colonial Regime Committing Genocide In Ogadeni

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Youth and Students members of OYSU in Umkulu Refugee Camp in Eritrea held a well organised meeting for their 10th Anniversary. The Youth Committee who organised the meeting which was attended by many guests of Umkulu people and camp dwellers distributed the following Statement to the local journalists and attended guests of honor.The Ethiopian Colonial Regime Committing Genocide In Ogadenia Honorable guests Senior O.N.L.F leaders Northern red sea Samhar Secondary School Northern red sea department of N.E.U.YS Umkulu elementary and junior school director Umkulu committee leaders Woman Association of Ogaden Woman association of Umkulu Camp And other special guests The Ogaden Somali people were under the colonization of Ethiopia since it was established by Menilik in the 19th Century and was continued by all the successive colonial regimes that followed. Each of those regimes has been practicing its own policy suppressing the quest for self-determination and sovereignty by the Somali people in Ogaden. However the nature of any Ethiopian rule is always based on principles against humanity rather than respecting the dignity and right of human beings regardless of the consequences. Ethiopia follows a systematic oppression of the people that under-developments the quality of live of the people by denying them proper education, discouraging farming, denying the people adequate health care, blockading and hampering trading free movement and denying the people to live with peace by constantly maintaining Ogaden in a state of war. The TPLF took all the above violations to new heights. The Ethiopian regimes policy is just to kill or put in prison the civilians in order to achieve their goals . Furthermore, using divide and rule dirty tactic is and create conflict among the people in order to achieve their number one purpose of staying in power. The last several decades the regime of Ethiopia was committing atrocities in Ogadenia against innocent civilians. Killings, Raping and imprisonment have been became routine. The very act of describing the situation and inhuman acts of the regime in Ogaden makes one frustrated. The people are simply murdered, tortured, and Arrested arbitrarily. They are just punished without recourse to justice. Nowadays the Ethiopian set up arbitrary courts and every body is detained is sentenced to a minimum of ten year in make-shift prisons. Woman is mostly the most hurt victims- raping, torturing, or killing them has very common in the territory. Although all the Ogaden people are suffering from crimes of the regime, thousands of the youth are particularly targeted. Small girls are openly raped and then detained and used as slave sex for the army and the militia until they become too ill and then either killed or released with diseases. Boys are forced to join forcefully the local militias (falsely names as the special police) and to kill their own people. Thousands of children are suffering without parents after their parents were killed or abducted by the Ethiopian soldiers. In addition the Army of the Ethiopian regime burned hundreds of villages, destroying vast amounts of properties. Even some of the villagers were burned alive in their homes. Others, including elders, mothers, pregnant women and very small children were put in holes under the grounds, and burned alive. Plundering the wealth of the people is very common. The Ethiopian soldiers loot thousands of livestock, large sums of money and good routinely and the Ethiopian trained, equipped and funded Liyu Police militia. . Another big problem facing the Ogaden people is when the run away from the persecution and extermination carried out by the Ethiopian colonialist in the ogaden territory and attempt to get safety in the neighboring countries , the regime intimates or uses it influence and the Somalis Hargeisa, Garowe and some other parts of Somalia, help the Ethiopian thugs to detain and bring them back to torture camps in Ethiopia. They hand innocent civilains over to the ruthless state in Ethiopia. The same is true with Djibouti, which handed over to Ethiopia more than 60 refugees, mostly women. In Kenya where there is a government they either assassinate the refugees or abduct them by paying bribes to corrupt officials and solders. This Somalis are growing seeds of hostility between our peoples and we as a youth will not forget that. One day our nation will be free and they may need us too. We are certain the Ethiopian regime they are worshipping will be defeated one day soon. The Ethiopia government is very much afraid that the international communities get proof of it’s crimes in Ogaden, since it is dependent on aid from international donors, such as the western super powers like USA . Speaking the reality, we believe the weapons and economy that the U.S.A and the other western countries give to Ethiopia is used to harm and massacre the people of Ogaden and they know what is happening but they don’t care. Finally, every Somali in Ogaden must believe that self-reliance is the only way to achieve our independence. We must not wait for others to give us freedom or support us get it. We must strengthen our armed struggle and stand by our boys and girls in the field.
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