Somalia: Journalists Ask the Ethiopian Government to Release

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Somalia: Journalists Ask the Ethiopian Government to Release

Unread post by zeru » 13 Mar 2014 08:24

Some of the journalists in Mogadishu, the capital city of Somalia have stated that they are appalled of the imprisoning of reported Mohamed Aweys Muudeey ( King of Central) who was sentenced to almost 30 years in prision by a court in Ethiopia.
Mohamed Nuur Shariifka one of the journalists in Mogadishu, told Radio Shabelle that it's terrible to arrest a reporter and they urged the Ethiopian Government to immediately release the Somali journalist without conviction.
Faarax from AP also among the journalists operating in Mogadishu declared that he is sad to hear the distressing news of the prison sentence and requested from the Ethiopian Government to protect the freedom rights of the individuals and that his conviction is practically illegal.
Recently, the journalists in Mogadishu have met with the Prime Minister of the Somali Government and the Minister of Information and insisted on them to take action towards the release of that reporter.
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