ETHIOPIA: Ethiopia rejects the allegation of kidnapping ONLF

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ETHIOPIA: Ethiopia rejects the allegation of kidnapping ONLF

Unread post by zeru » 03 Feb 2014 12:42

Adinur Abdullahi Farah, an Ethiopian Somali region official denied the allegations from ONLF accusing Ethiopia of abducting two of its officials who were in Nairobi for the talks between Ethiopian government and ONLF.
Farah who is an advisor to the Ethiopian Somali region president Abdi iley gave an interview to the VOA Somali branch stated that these two officials are now peacefully in the region and also signed an agreements with Ethiopian government.
These two officials named Ali Mohamed Hussein and Sulub Abdi were kidnapped in Nairobi’s upper hill area by unidentified men.
Officials from ONLF commented on this incident accusing Federal government of Ethiopia of being behind the abduction of these two senior officials of ONLF and demanded the release of the two men.
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