Awramba Times Interviews Lidetu Ayalew on current political

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Awramba Times Interviews Lidetu Ayalew on current political

Unread post by zeru » 31 Jan 2014 22:36

This is a matured interview ever heard in Awramaba times. Lidetu gave a nice political dissection for Ethiopian 2005 election aftermath, there was a little left to say….Wow that is hilarious.
Every Ethiopians distinctly remembered it, The toxic Ethiopian Diaspora were a breeding place of political extremism as good as the leading oppositions of the then party ‘kinijet’ was breeding. Leditu’s choice was simple either to be a blind hater or a non-violent politician and his choice was unequivocally correct.
It was obvious from the beginning ‘Kinijet’ party chose political fanaticism and the consequence was to be a non-viable party. Ironically, Leditu paid so much more than his share for failure of ‘kinijet’ party. That was completely ridiculous.
There is a big lesson to learn here for ‘Semayawi and Adinet parties’. Fanaticism politics is something Ethiopians would say Emphatic no. Hate politics, We knew very well now its breeding place, it is in the ‘toxic Ethiopian Diaspora camp’. If the ‘Semayawi and Andinet’ parties say and believe Ethiopia maters for them, we advice them the sooner is the better they cut string attachment from ESAT and Ginbote 7.
They have to invest their time, energy and stress on Domestic political Agenda. However if the ‘semayawi party’ leaders prefer the doom Sayers advice and attachment as its leader Engineer Yilkal was doing recently. It is simple good to remember ‘Kinjete party’ performance which spoke for it self.
If ‘semayawi and Adinete’ parties are salivating the color revolution, if they are dreaming the orange revolution or if they are living in the political style of the Arab spring….we tell you you guys are looking for a magic Ethiopia.
Our advice for Semyawi party is crystal clear, work under the constitution frame work or face the consequence. Ethiopia, has no job vacancy for prisoners, why would you violet the rules of the land to complete career portfolio of criminals and stay in jail like Esiknder and Andualem to mention the few. It is up to the Semayawi and Adinet parties leaders cos the ball is in their court
By the way Lidetu Ayalew, is one of the the matured and civilized politicians Ethiopia ever seen in the opposition camp. some call him the Iron Man.
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