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How to Make Love without Sex.

Posted: 21 Jan 2010 19:45
by sara

How to Make Love without Sex

Joan Collins

Image Make Love without Sex
Step 1

Realize, making love is an intensely personal act. How you make love will be determined by the one you love and you. First, use words. Let the one you love know how important they are to you.

Step 2

Have your love take off all his or her clothing or everything but underwear. Get a bottle of lotion or oil and give a head to toe body
massage while your love lies on the bed, front and back. Pay special attention to places that feel good. Work out the body's stress and pain.

Step 3


Take a bubble bath together
Fix a nice warm bubble bath and share it together. Touch, kiss, smile. Let the most important person in your life feel your love.

Step 4

Dress in fluffy bath robes and relax on the bed. Feed your love grapes and cheese squares, chocolate-covered strawberries,
or whatever else you know he or she would prefer.

Step 5

Go to bed, snuggle, spoon, or rub your love's back until sleep takes over.

Step 6

There you have it, no sex, but has your love ever felt more loved, secure and special by you?