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Argentina and Colombia with the hottest and sexiest women in

Posted: 07 Apr 2014 17:07
by zeru
Argentina and Colombia are among the countries with the hottest and sexiest women in the world according to the TargetMap, an internet site that works with all sort of data, surveys and tendencies displayed on maps.
Latvia and Estonia also figure in the map with the most beautiful ladies based on physical and sexual attraction. The project divides the degree of attraction into five categories and from the TargetMap display Latin and Baltic women outstand.
In the map Argentina, Colombia, Estonia, Latvia are marked intense green, which is the highest category with “very sexy”. This is followed by “sexy” and includes most of Eastern Europe: Czech Republic, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia, Russia, Ukraine and Macedonia.
In Western Europe only Swedish women make it to the very sexy category.
In other areas of the world, sexy women are found in Iran, Egypt, Ethiopia; Brazil and Venezuela. In Asia, Indonesia, Japan, South Korea and Vietnam.
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