New Book Signing and Launch : The Wisdom Compass to Eternal

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New Book Signing and Launch : The Wisdom Compass to Eternal

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New Book Signing and Launch
The Wisdom Compass to Eternal Life by Abel Gashe

It is man’s great endeavor to find the right way to eternal life. Devout Christians and different believers work hard to keep their relationship
with God and let their faith guide them in their spiritual journey.

But what is the best way to achieving eternal peace – and eternal life?

In author Abel Gashe’s spirit-nourishing book, The Wisdom Compass to Eternal Life, he presents a clear and easy comprehensible approach to
help readers to understand the word of God, strengthen their faith, and lead them to the path towards eternal life.


You are invited !

When: Saturday September 24, 2011

3:00 PM

Unification Church
1610 Columbia Road, Washington D. C. 20009
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Taken from the book:

"It is in the best interest for all of us who profess to be the follower of Christ to see if there is any love in our practice of faith since faith without
righteousness and hence following the commandments is like egg without yolk.....Righteousness without faith in God
is earthly without any spiritual benefit to the soul. .....
"...we frequently meet people who exhibit life that is endowed with eternal peace while we also encounter others on the opposite end who are
bearing the fruit of the flesh. Even without looking at others, we also know well that if we take inventory of our daily life and the experience of our soul in
terms of spiritual parameters the Lord set for us, we would realize if we are leading a life in the spirit bearing fruit of the spirit, or if we are the vehicle of sinful
life carrying the burden of the flesh. This brings us to the conclusion that as we live in this world today, the kingdom of God is within us and among us reigning
in the life of all living souls who are part of the living church."


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