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Mefthe Travel and Tours

Posted: 27 Oct 2018 12:20
by selam sew

Mefthe Trave and Tours

Ethiopian Travel Agency in DC, VA, and MD

We are an Ethiopian Travel Agency in DC and serving the travelers from around the world especially travelers to Ethiopia. Ethiopian Travel Agency office located in the Washington DC, Maryland, and Virginia metro area.

Our website is the number one choice for your travel to Ethiopia and around the world.

Mefthe Travel Agency

We are located at 8209 Fenton St. Suite#2 Silver Spring, MD 20903
Call us: 301 244 8174
Visit us:
Email us:

Mefthe Travel and Tours is a full service for your travel needs to Ethiopia, Eritrea or any other country.

If you are traveling to Ethiopia or anywhere in the world Mefthe Travel agency can give you the best customer service with the lowest prices possible.

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