Ethiopian art/goodies (lalibela crosses)

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Ethiopian art/goodies (lalibela crosses)

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We're writing you on behalf of our newly opened website
We produce Ethiopian art - primarily religiously inspired imagery (lalibela crossses) that is sandblasted and painted on glass. We call ourselves Dorze and we're a two man operation out of Denmark. If you'd like to check out our website, which is very basic and in it's baby steps, you can check out the products we have on sale. It's all very new, but we hope to work out the design kinks and put more products up as soon as possible.

We're part of the Ethiopian diaspora, and we're hoping that what we sell is of interest to other Ethiopians. We've gotten a great reception to the people we've shown our product, and although you never know, hopefully others will enjoy it too.

If you' like what you see, and if you feel like it, it would mean a lot if you would spread the word. Hope to hear from you all!

p.s. sorry for the somewhat corny self promotion, hope you'll forgive us
Dorze Design team

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