EtCal Ethiopian Calendar App for iPhone, Android and Windows Phones

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EtCal Ethiopian Calendar App for iPhone, Android and Windows Phones

Unread postby selam sew » 20 Jan 2016 10:10


EtCal is a mobile application used to track date & holidays in Ethiopia.It can also be used to convert dates from/to Gregorian calendar & remind Ethiopian national holidays, Ethiopian Orthodox fasts & feasts and internationally recognized dates.
It is created for all type of mobiles, iPhone, Android, Windows Phone, Nokia, BlackBerry etc....Available for download in App Store, Google Play (Google market place), Windows Phone market place and source forge!

Developed by: Elias Haileselassie

Installation Guide

Based on the Kind of Phone you have, download the App from the respective locations

1. for iPhone -> ... ?mt=8&ls=1

2. for Android ->

3. for Windows Phone -> ... 50c6c31091

4. for Nokia, BlackBerry & other Mobiles->

* For the rest of the other type of Mobiles:

there are at least four ways to install EtCal on a J2ME supporting mobiles

1.The easiest way to install the application to your mobile is using mobile internet .Insert internet enabled sim to your phone and download the application from . Click the 'download EtCal' link. The applicaion will install automatically. (WiFi is also possible for the internet connection).

2. Download the application from the above site to your computer, and then use a cable to connect your mobile and also use the software which comes with the mobile CD for connecting with phones (if you have nokia it is called PC Suit). then install it from the PC Suit or PC Sync Software.

3. If some one has the EtCal.jar file on his/her memory card and if your mobile has similar memory card, you can borrow and insert the memory card with the EtCal.jar and open the file in your phone.It will automatically install the application.

4. Via Bluetooth. This is the most annoying of all techniques, some times it works and some times it doesn't.this is because some mobiles restrict executable programs to be transfered via Bluetooth. so if this happens all you can do is try to rename the file EtCal.jar to EtCal.txt and transfer it to the other mobile with Bluetooth. Up to this point there will be no problem. Then try to rename the file EtCal.txt to EtCal.jar to make it usable. If the mobile allows renaming to .jar, then you are done. just open the file. it will install.How ever some mobiles also restrict changing file extension names, if that is so you are in front of a brick wall. Try the other techniques.

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