RS Game Update-Barbarian Assault Redux

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RS Game Update-Barbarian Assault Redux

Unread postby jafa » 28 Aug 2014 03:24

Barbarian Assault has brought something amazing to RS Gold Runescape’s update which inspired at RuneFest 2013. It is an new hard mode, but you can unit your friends to beat the scary Penance King. You can get existing rewards and more they’ve added into.
We all know that Barbarian Assault is a team-based minigame where you shall take on one of four roles, attacker, defender, collector or healer. You guys will help the Fremennik hold back an onslaught of extra-dimensional horrors, the Penance. If you’ve never given Barbarian Assault a go, now this is the chance. Come on and head to the Barbarian Assault HQ.
The new hard mode is the core element of the pitch, aimed at challenging high-level players with top-end gear. While setting up, the group leader can switch between normal and hard mode on the Recruitment interface, or through a right-click option on the recruitment scroll-you can only access this by right-clicking on the recruitment scroll. Everyone in the team must have defeated the Penance Queen since the rework to be eligible for Hard Mode.
The first nine waves will be significantly more difficult than before, with larger swarms of Penance creatures, all with upgraded abilities and stats improved over their normal-mode counterparts.

There are some sweet new rewards. Penance insignia is powerful pocket-slot item which provide benefits related to the Barbarian Assault player roles outside the minigame. Attacker’s insignia gives a chance to apply a damage-over-time effect in combat. Defender’s insignia increases your armor bonus. Collector’s insignia increases your luck with drops, Agility and Barbarian Firemaking in XP. Healer’s insignia increases your prayer bonus and health restored by food. New titles and the Account of Aesa Fellsdottir are another two amazing items. What’s more, the existing rewards are updated.
The minigame itself has been improved as well. All Penance creatures have received a gloriously slimy graphical update. Penance combat stats are buffed to make them a challenge appropriate for today’s game. Shout actions previously performed from the Penance horn are now abilities, and can be activated in the action bar, etc.
The Barbarian Assault is back with a vengeance after a WildStar Gold mass of player feedback. It is much more fun than before. Hope you can enjoy your journey to Barbarian Assault. Can’t wait to hear from your feedback.

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